Logistic Warehousing

Logistic Warehousing is the ideal third party solution for companies who do not wish to invest in and administer their own warehousing and distribution. It enables a company to devote its full resources to their core business operations. In addition, it gives the user the benefits of fixed costs, and caters for expansion as and when required.

A warehouse logistic service can be customised to meet individual market needs, and allows the participant access to competitive distribution costs.

A typical service programme would provide the following:

  • Receiving all goods into stock, checking against delivery documents and creating receipts showing quantities received, discrepancies, etc.
  • Placing goods into stock in rotation order, either in individual units or in pallets, depending on the market requirements.
  • Providing physical and computerised stock control programs to suit.
  • Receiving all delivery orders, selecting products in accordance with agreed procedures, and packing orders to meet the delivery methods selected.
  • Arranging transportation by the most economical and effective method, in line with the customer's requirements.
  • Providing additional services such as billing, accountancy and banking, customs clearance, and international import and export freight.

Pallet Racking and Bulk Storage Solutions.

Verran Freight Group offer full facilities to store both palletised and bulk goods, either as support to a logistics program or as a specific service to meet a customer's needs (i.e. pick and pack operations)

POD Scanning and Internet Solutions

Verran Freight offer POD scanning with full CD backup, ensuring your documents are always available. On-line real-time access to this system will allow customers to access our system via the internet, and to down-load any live information they may require 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On-line access to our system is password protected allowing access to approved customers via secure e-commerce web-site.

Verran Freight can also offer many integrated electronic internet solutions to your business, from receiving orders via traditional EDI systems to providing bespoke CSV file transfer for order picking.